Julianna Kasza


Graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Faculty of Graphic Studies, Budapest. Member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists and the Association of the Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators. Graphic designer and illustrator, but likes very much the letters and numbers as well.
„I realized, that a picture can take effect either to the emotions, make an athmosphere, and make the viewer to get involved into it, e.g. the fluffy animals, which looks touchable, which causes feelings in the viewer, trying to make him either sad, happy, or whatever: in this case our eyes make them ‹feel›.
On the other hand, the illustration can also take effect to the understanding, to the mind – in this case, it uses mathematical instruments. These are in fact equations, but not totally calculable, because they stay as pictures. I do not consider the vector-based graphic as less than the old technics. Every visual phrasing can work, we only should know what we are about to say.” ________________________________________________________________
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  • illustration
  • graphic design
  • typography


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